Registered Architect. Visual Communicator. Disciplined Creative.

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Lessons Learned.

Some the easy way, some the hard way:

  • Do not overlook project limitations. Design to them. Push when appropriate.
  • Hobbies are free. Work is paid. Find a way to make overlap happen.
  • Self-promotion should surface through artistic expression, not overexposure.
  • When communicating, say only what is necessary.
  • Be nimble. Be loyal. Be confident. Be visually literate.
  • I can drive a bulldozer. (metaphorically...)
  • Help yourself! Work smart, avoid self-sabotage and learn to put the pencil down.
  • The ability to self-critique is different than being critical of yourself.
  • Give back. It pays the soul.
  • Chewing gum does not belong in meetings or introductions.

Fun Facts.

Random glimpses into who I am:

  • I grew up on a family farm in Funk, Nebraska. (Population: 204)
  • In my eyes, friends are family and family are friends.
  • (TV + Music) / Me = Junkie
  • After 12 years, I am back to Mac – relearning digital ambidexterity.
  • My first job was painting signs that hung on an outfield fence.
  • I can drive a tractor. (literally…sort of...)
  • 'I think about more than I forget.'  – Lil' Wayne – 
  • Balancing and abiding by budgets makes me happy.
  • I drink my coffee black and my beer brown.
  • All racquet sports rule.  So do running, skiing and golfing.